Dolls Talks with Edelmo

Aktualisiert: 3. Juli 2021

Think doll photography - think Edelmo. Years of experience in fashion industry, numerous photoshoots perfected his skill which is reflected through the lens of his camera. And there is that one very special doll, that is getting all the attention of the maestro. I could not wait to get to know more about how Edelmo does it and ask for some advice on how to take perfect doll photos! Hi Edelmo!

Hi! I'm Edelmo, the human behind some dolls at the Yoedelmo instagram account. Working in retail fashion since I cannot remember when and with a high interest in beauty and style.

Edelmo - Puppensammler von Barbie und Integrity Toys Modepuppen

- You are a very talented photographer and your doll pictures are stunning. Have you always had an interest in photography or did you have other career plans whilst growing up?

Photography happened on the way I was working in fashion and involved in many fashion shootings, learning during shootings with so many great fashion photographers and with respect to their work and profession all I do is play a bit with photo, angles and apply some fashion sense. I have fun...

Puppenfotografie in Aktion

- What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking doll photos?

Probably to know more about the best light hours along the year, but I still love learning every day.

- What is the most difficult in doll photography?

Dolls hair on some windy days... like a bad hair day.

- What is your favourite set up for photography – inside or outside and why?

Since I start using the doll apartment during the lockdown last year I really enjoy it, love the recreation of space and the different spaces you can create, or at least the impressions of it. But street style is and will be my favourite for doll photography... to integrate dolls in real life is for me a unique experience.